The Red Truck

Storytelling is a leader’s primary job. The Red Truck Program is for executives who want to develop their skill at engaging others in their vision, strategy, and brand, inside and outside their company.

Stories Work Magic

Man reading a book (photo). © Paul FettersYou might ask: Why is it called ‘The Red Truck Program’? Ah. That’s another story.

This four-month executive development program aims higher than turning participants into great presenters. We use storytelling  to unleash the natural ability of human beings to build trust and  connection in a complex, swiftly changing world.

The Red Truck Program
will increase your capacity for:
  • Developing and leading from your passion.
  • Being able to surprise and delight others.
  • Building affinity and an environment of collaboration.
  • Generating insights into problems.
  • Inspiring others and engaging them in what’s most important.
  • Listening in a way that brings out the brilliance of others.
  • Nurturing authenticity.
Itinerary for the Journey
  • Pre-program interview.
  • 2-hour meetings twice a month by video-conference.
  • Time in your calendar for your personal writing.
  • Reading groups for sharing your writing.
  • Reading and writing assignments between meetings.
  • Private blog for sharing your writing.

An experienced writer leads the program and provides a safe and creative environment for self-expression. Participants experience the power of authenticity to build trust and creativity, and speed strategic alignment and implementation.

Contact us and we will tell you the Red Truck story.

Spring Program:  Mondays from 5 - 7 p.m. EDT, by video conference

              Aug. 28      Sept. 25      Oct. 30        Nov. 27              
              Sept. 11     Oct. 16        Nov. 13       Dec. 11

Registration:                                                    $2,000


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" The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind."
~ Vera Nazarian
Dreams of the Compass Rose
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