Track Record

Our leadership team is accountable for outcomes rather than the to-do’s to get there, for example, being measured on seeing contingencies that are not predictable. The shift from people giving suggestions to owning their answers is huge.

~ Mike Braine

The Leadership coaching team at Dorrier Underwood is incredible at unlocking our inner ability to solve our own challenges both personally and professionally. They have an uncanny ability to inspire leaders to trust their instincts and accomplish things that may seem impossible.

~ Brad King

Our focus on technology and self, created resistance and barriers to delivering value to the company. What made our project a complete success was that we did things together; we planned and executed well, and collaborated. We did it as a high performing team.

~ Jason Botts
Martin Marietta Materials

After working with Dorrier Underwood, I can see my direct reports empowering their front-line doctors, who in turn have been meeting their goals at much higher levels than before. My work with Dorrier Underwood far exceeds anything I anticipated personally or professionally. Not only are we on track with our projects, our people are aligned with our vision. With Dorrier Underwood’s coaching, I am proud to say that all my direct reports are learning to be a resource for each other and thought leaders for the organization. This is one of my greatest accomplishments.

~ Debra Carlton
Kaiser Permanente

"We hired Dorrier Underwood when Dansko was at a crossroads. We didn’t want to lose our unique culture in the transition from a personal, “Mom & Pop” style to a more corporate structure. Dorrier Underwood’s consultants gave us the right questions to ask, and then got us to really grapple with them. We told each other truth about what the company needed to go to the next level. ~Mandy Cabot

"My goal for the retreat – which we accomplished – was to prepare for operationalizing our future, and we actually articulated some steps for how we’re going to get there. Plus you gave us a new tool, the Breakdown Technology, to deal with obstacles and we’re already using it. Here’s the thing: we’re not arguing anymore about the vision. The “victimhood” of the past is officially over. The future is more organic because it’s being built by the team." ~ Jesse Milan, Jr.
Altarum Institute

"The Mastery Program guides seasoned leaders through the process of self-exploration in order to make positive and decisive differences in their personal leadership. It’s one of the best leadership development programs I have experienced in my 38 years as a professional." ~ Dr. Tom Jones
President Emeritus
Armstrong Atlantic State University

"I have found the work of Dorrier Underwood to be the most effective of its kind in 25 years of professional life." ~ Tom Allen
Former President & General Manager
CBS Television Station

"I use Dorrier Underwood's consulting approach in order to have partners for creative thinking and innovation. It provides me with an opportunity to be in a conversation that has no other agenda other than to promote my growth as a CEO along with the growth of my company's most important asset: its people"
~ Don Holzworth
Executive in Residence
UNC Chapel Hill

"My commitment was to sell a specific service to our biggest client, and frankly, I had just about given up. I was re-energized by my work with Dorrier Underwood and developed some very specific strategies and tactics. Three months later we completed the sale of $500,000. Within two weeks we were close to an adjacent sale of $200,000 and a month later we had completed a $1.1 million sale of this same service to another entirely new client, reviving a deal that we thought was dead." ~ Andrew Friede, MD, MPH
Cerulean Health

"I have found the work of Dorrier Underwood to be the most effective of its kind in 25 years of professional life."
Tom Allen,
President & General Manager of a CBS Television Station
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